BMW60-62 (M60, M62, M62) Vanos Camshaft Alignment Master Kit

Kit Including:
BMW 112-440 Locking Fixture
For locking camshaft in position when adjusting timing on BMW M60, M62, M62Van,M62TU,
BMW116-450 Locking Fixture (1999-2002)
For fixing camshaft sensor wheel in position during assembly on BMW M62 VANOS
BMW117-380 Tensioning Bracket
For screwing in chain tensioner with top right timing case cover removed on BMW M62, M62VAN
BMW116-420 Socket Wrench WAF32
For removing and installing solenoid valves on BMW M54, M62 VANOS,
BMW116-440 Hook Wrench
For adjusting VANOS to left stop during assembly as well as for adjusting valve timing on M62 VANOS
BMW115-180 Locking Pin
For locking flywheel in TDC position on M62, M62VAN
BMW114-230 Chain Tensioner
For tensioning primary chain when adjusting valve timing M60, M62, M62VAN.
BMW112-300 Locking Pin For locating crankshaft in ignition TDC position in order to adjust valve timing on M60, M62
BMW113-420 Locking Clip Set
For secondary chain tensioner (2) to lock chain tensioner piston in position, e.g when removing and installing
sprockets on M60
BMW113-290 Locking Pin Set

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